AudioDim is a Providing latest English Albums for free.

Our Vision

Mainly it is very difficult for Bangladeshis and other Asian country’s people to collect the latest English Songs because of online currency/transaction system. It is not well-developed here. Besides, the most number of student (Age of 16 to 22) cannot issue Visa or MasterCard which is one of the way for online transaction. In addition,  Paypal and others world recognize online payment gateway do not support in Bangladesh and some others Asian countries. That’s why people cannot able to buy songs from  ITunes,Amazon  and others this type of online music shop. You know the latest English Songs are available there. So if anyone want to buy CD/download legally, they must depend on it. But it is not possible to buy CD from these shops for the above mentioned reason. Though there are some numbers of  Native Music Online shop there, they do not sell English Albums. For this reason, they are deprived of enjoying the latest English Songs.

To reduce the distance and to pave the way of English music entrance in these arenas,AudioDim has started it’s journey. Here you will find Latest English Song of all popular genres for free download. Besides when it share a Song/Album, quality will be highly considered.

Why You Should Choose AudioDim?

Why you should visit our site? What the differences between AudioDim and other sites? And else question may come to your thought. Don’t be worry. You will  be answered in the below highlighted points.

1.User-friendly Design: I have designed the whole  website in a systemic way. You will find different parts of post body which indicates Artwork, Complete Information, Tracklists And download links. It will  more easier to find your desired part. These features is disappear in the most of English Song Portal.

2.Less Advertisement: I use very less advertisement on my site. You won’t  find lots of pops-up (Even the number is zero!!) which annoy you lot.

3.Online buy System: AudioDim want to come closer to you day-to-day routine. From our affiliate, you will able to buy product also with home delivery.So, it will save your shopping time also !!
Besides, we use Itunes,Amazon buy link of album so that people can inspire to buy the album if it possible.

4.Our Own Utility Make Your Browsing Experience Different: AudioDim has it’s own android app as well as smart phone application. You don not need to remember site address to if you have AudioDim apps. Besides, it provide you QR Code by which you will be able to visit the site by just scanning the image. Browser shortcut will be add more. You can able to access AudioDim by just clicking one on the shortcut !!

5.Parrallel Download System: It provide you two/three download server. The first one is main download server, the second one is mirror download system and the third one is for mobile user. It ensure  your satisfaction to download any file. So, forget the the word “Invalid Download” for AudioDim. Besides, we provide super fast link update service. If you find any broken link, your one and only work to comment in that post. Admin will update the link within 30 minutes as soon as possible.

6.Virus Security:  AudioDim achieved green security seal form the well-known Anti-spyware software company “AVG”. So, you need not to be bothered about virus. If you any virus in third-party link like download server, hosted advertisement etc. it won’t be responsible for this. But don’t forget to complain. I will remove that from site within shortest possible time.

Final Word 

My all effort will be succeed if I achieved your satisfaction. If you have any complain, suggestion and opinion, don’t forget to contact via mail. Take care everyone and being with AudioDim. Good  bye for today and thank you a lot for reading the “About” Page.