Raz Fresco - Magneto Was Right (2020) [Zip] [Album]

Magneto Was Right (2020)

Raz Fresco - Magneto Was Right - Album Download, Itunes Cover, Official Cover, Album CD Cover Art, Tracklist, 320KBPS, Zip album


Artist: Raz Fresco
Producer: Raz Fresco, CSe7en
Music Label: BKRSCLB
Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap
Total Tracks: 11
Compression Format: Zip/Rar
Audio Format: Mp3
Album Release Date: January 01, 2020
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps (CBR)


  1. The Untold Story Of Magneto X feat. Vast Aire
  2. Magneto Was Right
  3. Knowlegde Add 6 Ciphers
  4. Coat Took The Whole Croc
  5. Work On Consignment
  6. Autobiography Of Slave
  7. Salvatore Allegory
  8. Sapporo In Sapporo
  9. They Still Shot Martin
  10. The Piece With The Magnetic
  11. Wisdom Wisdom Degree

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