Onry Ozzborn - c v p ii d (Cupid) (2017) [Zip] [Album]

c v p ii d (Cupid) (2017)

Onry Ozzborn - c v p ii d (Cupid) - Album Download, Itunes Cover, Official Cover, Album CD Cover Art, Tracklist


Artist: Onry Ozzborn

Producer: Rain

Music Label: Michael Martinez

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

Total Tracks: 09

Compression Format: Zip/Rar

Audio Format: Mp3

Year: 2017

Bit Rate: 320 Kbps (CBR)


  1. Contractions
  2. They're There
  3. Two Headed Monster
  4. Bed Bugs
  5. Please Don't Touch
  6. Birfday
  7. Surgical Mask
  8. When In Rome
  9. He Means Well

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