Shaz Illyork - The Sleepwalker (The Wide Awake Prequel) (2017) [Zip] [Album]

The Sleepwalker (The Wide Awake Prequel) (2017)

Shaz Illyork - The Sleepwalker (The Wide Awake Prequel) (2017) - Album Download, Itunes Cover, Official Cover, Album CD Cover Art, Tracklist


Artist: Shaz Illyork

Producer: JL ADIO, Shaz Illyork

Music Label: Shaz Illyork

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

Total Tracks: 21

Compression Format: Zip/Rar

Audio Format: Mp3

Year: 2017

Bit Rate: 320 Kbps (CBR)


  1. The Sleepwalker Intro
  2. The Decadence
  3. The Beginning
  4. New York New York Interlude
  5. Make Way For The Gods (Ft. Blankface)
  6. The First Sunshower (Ft. Starvin B)
  7. Dancing With Wolves
  8. Ready For Combat (Ft. Risk RFC & Rast RFC)
  9. Kandahar Dope (Ft. Tools Beastly)
  10. Lost Metropolis
  11. Heatstroke
  12. The Final Exit
  13. Ghost Stories
  14. Wild Germanz (Ft. Dax Empire, Blankface, Chris Rivers, Babalu Machete & Guerilla Nems)
  15. The Burst Interlude
  16. Another Child Remembered
  17. Bomb Harder (Ft. Guerilla Nems)
  18. 360 2017
  19. Millenium Barz (Ft. Innocent & Stuck B)
  20. Sinister Practitioner (Ft. Novello & Jorge Horta)
  21. Green Garshas

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