Rated R - Collaberrationz (2016) [Zip] [Album]

Collaberrationz (2016)

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Artist: Rated R

Producer: Trilian, Klive Kraven, Plague Plenty, L.O.B., DJ Rhum 1, Demento, Edd Bundy, MetaFivez

Music Label: Rated R

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

Total Tracks: 36

Compression Format: Zip/Rar

Audio Format: Mp3

Year: 2016

Bit Rate: 320 Kbps (CBR)


  1. Style on the Loose ft. Chief Kamachi, Tha Soloist & DJ TMB
  2. Vessels of Iniquity ft. Eskr-One & Toombs
  3. Dark Room ft. Sadida & DJ Loop Skywalker (Shark Brothers)
  4. Destined for Dominance ft. Fubar
  5. Souls of Darkness ft. Shushi & DJ Coach One
  6. The Undertakers ft. Grim, Eskr-One & Julius Sleazer
  7. The Golden Ticket ft. Diabolic & DJ Trickalome
  8. Inferno ft. Ixion Form & DJ Coach One
  9. Keep It Raw ft. Barbarian Council (Grim & Tabs) & DJ TMB
  10. The Colosseum ft. Father Focus Confucius, J.A.I Pera & Ron Donson
  11. I.R.S.(Indigenous Rap Slayers) ft. Poverty Da ILLest & J.A.I Pera (Poet On Drugs)
  12. Broken Vinyl ft. Ty Da Tyrant, Tha Soloist & DJ Trickalome
  13. ILLusionz ft. Rez The Silverback & Ganjre The Giant
  14. Funeral of Time ft. Shushi, Mordecai, Jigsaw & DJ Joon (Army Of Darkness)
  15. Do It Right ft. ILLtemper, Eskr-One & Coloasus MC (Immortal Combat)
  16. Proof ft. Eskr-One, 2032 & DJ Kwestion (2032 solo)
  17. Dead Zone ft. 2032, Silly Grinn & DJ Trickalome (2032 solo)
  18. Gladiators ft. Edd Bundy, I.N.F & Words (Dirt Merchants)
  19. Prolific ft. Venomous 2000, Ishtar Terror & Reks
  20. Rep The Hardest ft. Klive Kraven & DJ Madhandz
  21. Angelic Pentagrams ft. MC Therapist, ILLtemper & Eskr-One (Immortal Combat)
  22. No Love ft. Words, Odoub & Klive Kraven
  23. Verbal Voodoo ft. LYR, MetaFivez & Nebula
  24. P.A.I.N. ft. Big Luck
  25. My Day ft. T.R.U.E., Jive Cuttah & DJ Madhandz
  26. Masterpiece ft. Wes Studii & AmelKore 
  27. The Heat ft. Eskr-One, Samuel Tafari, Ixion Form & DJ Coach One (Immortal Combat)
  28. The Gatekeeper ft. Tha Soloist
  29. Can’t Forget ft. T.R.U.E., Jive Cuttah & Ty Da Tyrant
  30. Audible Autrocities ft. Gloom Rap
  31. Darkness ft. ILLtemper, Julius Sleazer & Eskr-One (Immortal Combat)
  32. Verbal Execution ft. Odoub & DJ Madhandz 
  33. Ride Out ft. Sean Strange & DJ TMB
  34. Serial Killaz ft. Casacas (Tha Ruthless Classic) 
  35. Blak Merchants ft. Ishtar Terror, Tha Soloist & Drew Dollars
  36. Bottom Line ft. Copywrite

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